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Imagine that you are taking a walk in the woods. You come to a fork in the road, but the way forward is covered by a dense cloud bank—one so thick that you can't see more than a few steps ahead. What you do see, however, is that there are a lot of signs directing you one way, and the path looks well-trodden. The other path looks far less traveled, and there are no signs inviting you to choose this other path.

If you truly are in the woods, probably you will opt for the well-traveled road. In the health care world, we all tend to do that too. Doctors, other health care professionals and patients alike. However, sometimes the typical pathways—even with advice from those with the best of intentions, such as the best doctors and other health care professionals—can lead you right off a cliff.

More about the book here. And read some stories from our book here...and why our book is so unique here...choose from the full story or short story...

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